Angie's List is now Angi

Today is an exciting day for Angie’s List. When Angie’s List began collecting reviews back in 1995, the goal was simple: celebrate true craftsmanship and connect project-ready homeowners with high quality service pros. With your help, Angie’s List grew to be the go-to resource for homeowners looking to improve and maintain their homes.

Over the years, customer expectations have changed, and Angie’s List has evolved to meet those needs. Today, we are continuing that evolution by updating our brand look and feel. We are proud to introduce Angi, the Home for Everything Home.

Our service offering to pros remains the same at Angi:

Grow Your Business

Angi is still in the business of connecting project-ready homeowners to qualified pros. For home service pros, advertising offers a source of high quality and measurable consumer connections.

Showcase Your Business

Build your profile to highlight all your company has to offer, including sharing a photo gallery of your best projects. Qualified pros share badges and awards that let customers know they have met specific standards.


Reviews are still at the heart of what we do. Your standing on Angi is based on reviews from real people. We will continue to have a system of fairness. You will be able to respond to reviews, good or bad, and while your response will not change the review, we will share your side of the story.

Customer Ratings

We are updating our grading system from letter grades to stars, to make our system more modern. We still require Certified Pros to maintain a quality rating to participate.


From discovering new pros or verifying recommendations from family and friends, our directory of millions of reviews helps homeowners decide on the right pro to work on many people’s largest asset: their home.

Super Service Award

The annual accolade, which honors exceptional service, will continue as the Angi Super Service Award.

The Pro App

While we are updating the look and feel of the Business Center and the Pro App, the functionality stays the same – the hub for all your Angi customers.

In the coming weeks, you will be hearing from our team on how you can continue to get the most out of your relationship with Angi. Homeownership is steadily rising, and the need for top-quality pros has never been higher. We appreciate everything you do to help homeowners love where they live, and we are grateful to partner with you in your success. More than ever, we are here to help your business thrive and we are excited to share the ways Angi is designed with you in mind.

Bryan Ellis
Head of Marketplace, Angi