Trade Up

Because higher demand for skilled tradespeople means bigger opportunities for you.

What does it look like to trade up?


Higher Job Satisfaction

90% of tradespeople list their job satisfaction as either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied — pretty good, considering just 34% of average US workers say the same. 

50% of tradespeople are their own bosses, which makes flexibility and autonomy more than just buzzwords.


Higher Earning Potential

Tradespeople who opt out of traditional four-year college enter the job market with over $26,000 less debt on average.  

Plumbers, electricians, and general contractors earn an average of 22%, 29%, and 53% more than the general population.


Higher Job Security

650,000 new skilled tradespeople will be needed to meet demand in 2023 alone — so now’s the time to get skilled. 

While new AI tech may impact traditional professional careers, AI won’t be repairing a roof or remodeling a home any time soon.


Students can submit their creative solutions to today’s skilled labor crisis for a chance to win one of four $2,500 scholarships.

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